I love Tempe -- my husband Dave and I chose Tempe as the place to raise our kids because we believe in the values of this community: strong neighborhoods, openness, cooperation, and education. Neighbors here work together to improve everyone's quality of life.

I’m running to protect and preserve what makes Tempe great, but also to implement realistic solutions for a long term vision for the city. With a background in local and global business and an MBA, I will bring a breadth and depth of experience to the City of Tempe.  Combined with my history of community service in Tempe and across the valley, my work to elect others before running for office, and my personal perspective as a working mom of a special needs child, I will bring a compassionate business case for progressive values.

For me, this is not about political ambition or a sudden calling to get involved. Over the years of serving the Tempe community through volunteering and civic engagement, I know I have a unique and needed set of skills and perspective to bring to this Council and the City. I am a proven leader in the areas of strategy, mediation, and process improvement, and I’ll leverage these skills to bring people together and make smart decisions for the community. As a mixed minority woman raised by a single mother, and as a wife and mother intimately familiar with the struggle to pay rent, childcare, and student loans, I want to continue advocating for the underrepresented.

I know the hard work it takes to run for office, but that's not enough to be an effective leader. While knocking on doors, I’m learning from our neighbors about what you love, and what you’d like to see improve; some of our challenges seem immense. I’ve built a career on creating strategies to manage change and help people and organizations grow, and that’s what I hope to bring to our Council.

I hope to meet you and earn your vote and support. If elected, I plan to leverage my leadership experience to engage City staff, and our community to make thoughtful decisions for the City of Tempe. I’d love to hear your thoughts about Tempe, and how we can make our community even better.