Tempe Chamber of Commerce Endorses Genevieve Vega


The Tempe Chamber of Commerce announced its endorsements of the most business-friendly candidates for the upcoming City Council election. The Tempe Chamber is endorsing Genevieve Vega for one of the three open seats on the Tempe City Council.

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A Forum "Shining Star"

As one voter put it in a message (with a contribution!) "You were, in my opinion, the shining star at Tues. night's candidate event. Your facts and knowledge were well presented."

Active Tempean Tim Palmer also said "You were relaxed, a great public speaker, knowledgeable on issues, and showed great empathy and concern for Tempeans and families. Kudos." 

Arizona Republic Coverage


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Tempe Leaders Support Genevieve Vega

I'm proud to have the support of so many elected and community leaders. This support was earned through a history of service in Tempe because they're invested in Tempe too. They're putting their name behind me because they believe I'm the right candidate for the job.

I'm committed to representing working families like my own, to preserve what makes Tempe special while planning for the future, and to leverage my skills and temperament to do the very best for the City we love. Join these leaders to #VoteVega and get involved!

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More Yard Signs?! Thank You Tempe!

I am eternally grateful for the support Tempe has shown me as I run for Tempe City Council. After over a decade volunteering in my community for schools, human services, and candidates, I'm asking Tempe to support my run for City Council because my experience shows I can get the job done, and my personal history allows me to represent working families like mine who choose to call Tempe home. I'm overwhelmed by the support and am incredulous that after getting 200 yard signs out there, I'm already ordering more!

Do you still need one?  You can request one here and we'll have someone install it and remove it after the election. 

Don't live in Tempe? Help me get my name out there as a first time candidate by donating what you can today!


City Council Candidate Vega Captures Early Endorsements

I'm immensely proud to announce early support from a handful of people I respect and admire.  These are relationships I've had for years and their early support for my campaign for Tempe City Council means so much to me. I look forward to continuing the work we've done for Tempe while on the council!


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Vega for Tempe City Council

first-post.pngI'm frequently asked about my background, my values, my platform, and why I'm running. Let me tell you, condensing all of that into a few talking points is really hard! But it's important to have my story out there. And this is only the beginning!

As seen on Tempe News, an article published by my Campaign Manager, Ne'Lexia Galloway: https://www.mylocalnews.us/tempe/vega-tempe-city-council/

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